About Us

About 11 years ago, after a long process of immigration, we moved to the state of West Virginia from Tehran, Iran and became citizens of United States. The beauty and peacefulness of Lewisburg convinced us to settle down in this town.

Persian food's unique flavor and sweets are not known within our local community, so we decided to do our best to introduce this new taste to our friends.

Middle Eastern people have many types of cuisines for a variety of occasions. But Iranian/Persian culinary has its own unique taste and clearly distinguished tradition, distinct from the rest of Middle East. The spices used in soups, salads, and main meals and also the special flavor in Persian style sweets and baked goods are something that many people fall in love with because of their distinct taste.

We use all traditional recipes for all of our Persian food and sweet selections. The recipes come from our experience and the knowledge of family members and relatives back home. Iran has its own tradition of agriculture and unique use of fresh herbs, greens, and vegetables along with rice and meat in daily recipes.
The variety of spices such as turmeric, cumin, cardamom and plenty of nutritious vegetables in Persian recipes, provide a nutritious tasty eating experience for healthy living.

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