Kelly's Persian Chutney: Garlic roasted spread for everything!

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Chutney is a garlic based spread mainly used in India however, Kelly's Persian Chutney has ingredients which makes it a special one compared to the traditional Indian chutney! Kelly's Persian Chutney does not include any sugar, instead it is a salty chutney and is a very condensed amount of garlic that has been rousted for hours and hours. Our chutney also has Za'tar which is a secrete ingredient used in lots of middle eastern food! Za'tar is an herb that has great health qualities as well as a special smell. The taste of Za'tar could be best described as tangy, herbal, nutty, or toasty.

Ingredients: • Garlic

• Za'tar • Olive oil

• Salt • Pepper

• Chili or Turmeric based on the Chutney flavor

- Sugar-free

- Gluten-free

- 100% Vegan

Our chutney comes in two flavors of Chili and Turmeric. The Chili flavor has taste and smell of Chili spice without being hot, perfect for adding to your food as it is being prepared to add a boost in Chili flavor and garlic! In general, roasted garlic is incredible for many health benefits, one of which is the inflammatory qualities. When this special quality is mixed with our Kelly's Turmeric Chutney the health qualities are doubled up since Turmeric itself has strong inflammatory and antioxidant health benefits!

This Garlic is a delicious mix for starches such as pasta or cooked rice but also, it will give you a very pleasant taste if mixed with any kind of stew, soups, chicken, lamb, pork, duck, shrimp, fish, burger or steak in very small amount to have a new flavor and aroma. You can use the recipes below to add all of the great health qualities of garlic and turmeric/chili to your everyday meals.

Try these fun and delicious recipes with Kelly's Chutney

Use it on chicken, pork, or beef

Take one tea spoon of Kelly’s Persian Chutney(Chili/turmeric) and mix it with 1/4 cup of olive oil. The best method is probably to put the meat you would like to use for cooking inside a plastic zip lock bag then you need to add Kelly’s Persian Chutney-olive oil mix to the meat inside the bag. Shake it and make sure your mix is covering all sides of the meat inside the bag. Leave the bag in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours before cooking or barbecuing so that the meat has enough time to absorb all the flavor, taste, and smell of Kelly’s Persian Chutney!

Use it on roasted zucchinis or eggplants (Totally vegan recipe)

Apply cooking oil spray on a cooking pan, slice zucchinis or eggplants vertically and place them on the pan. Apply Kelly's Chutney either the Turmeric or Chili flavor on the zucchinis or eggplants using a brush or spoon. Turn on the oven at 400º. For Zucchini - Leave in the oven for 30 minutes, if the slices are thicker leave in the oven for 45 minutes.

For Eggplants - Leave in the oven for 45 minutes. Enjoy Kelly's Chutney infused roasted zucchinis/eggplants!

Use it in your stew or soups

Add a tea spoon of Kelly's Persian Chutney to your stew or soup as it is being prepared to serve. You can add more Kelly's Chutney based on your taste to increase the flavor and taste of Kelly's Chutney in the food you are preparing.

Mix it with your meals

Take a very small amount (1 tea spoon to half a tea spoon) of Kelly’s Persian Chutney and mix it with steamed/cooked rice or pasta. Make sure to stir it up and spread Kelly’s Persian Chutney as much as you can.

Since Kelly’s Persian Chutney is a very high concentrated mix of Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Olive oil and also Chili/Turmeric, you don’t want chunks of it in your plate since it will give you a very strong and raw taste. What you need to experience is a very well and evenly mix of Kelly’s Persian Chutney with your favorite rice or pasta dish.

Use it to cook Thanksgiving turkey dinner!

1- Rub and marinate Kelly’s Chutney on the craved turkey. Put it in a resealable plastic bag or resealable plastic/glass container. Keep it in the refrigerator overnight to absorb the Chutney. Next day you can roast and enjoy it!

2- For the whole Turkey you can use Kelly’s Chutney to marinate all over it but also, add it under the skin of the turkey breast/leg - separate the skin from the breast by slowly working your fingers under the skin (be careful not to tear the skin!). Rub the Chutney under the skin and inside the body as evenly as possible. Put it in a resealable plastic bag or resealable plastic/glass container. Let marinate in the refrigerator overnight to absorb the Chutney. Next day you can roast and enjoy it!

3- After roasting, it’s time to serve your delicious turkey! You can mix 2 tablespoon of Kelly’s Chutney with olive oil and brush all over it. Now the mission is completed in a very perfect way!

You can get Kelly's Chutney at local Farmers Markets or order online (only in West Virginia) using Turnrow Appalachian Farm Collective.

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