Kelly's Plain Pita Bread.. a flat bread of your dreams!

Kelly's plain Pita bread is a perfect bread for your every day wraps or to make Pita chips with it! You make a simple egg wrap as show in our Instagram post above or you can make a complex lettuce, tomato, and falafels/chicken/beef wrap with your favorite type of sauce!

Or you could decide to eat Kelly's plain delicious Pita bread fresh out of the package just like this adorable customer of ours! (Pictured below).

This photo has been shared on Kelly's Persian Food social media with the permission of his parents!

Every kind of Kelly's breads are already cooked and ready to be served. 😋 We are very proud that there are no preservatives added to this bread, so after opening the package please keep in the refrigerator or fridge.

Here are the ingredients of this bread before we jump into some tasty and easy recipes! (Stay tuned for the upcoming blog about Kelly's Turmeric Pita Bread).

Ingredients: • Flour • Yeast

• Olive oil • Kosher Salt

- Vegan

- GMO free

- No additive or preservatives added

- 100% Vegan

Recipes with Kelly's Plain Pita Bread:

Make Pita chips with it!

Cut the plain pita bread into small pieces (triangle shape is best for dipping purposes!) and leave in the over for 350 degrees fir 3-4 minutes. Now you have crunchy pita chips that you can dip in Kelly's Hummus/Babaganoush or in your favorite salsa! The crunchy pita chips are also perfect with any kind of soup.

Eat it the way it is! Use as dip or make delicious wraps!

Since the bread is already made, you can just take it out of the package and eat right away! It makes a great combo to use it as a dip or to make amazing wraps with Kelly's Plain Pita bread.

Cut it in smaller bit sized pieces and add it to any of your favorite dishes!

Many of our customers love the soft texture of the bread and they enjoy eating it with any lunch or dinner meals!

You can get Kelly's Plain Pita bread at local Farmers Markets or order online (only in West Virginia) using Turnrow Appalachian Farm Collective.

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