Kelly's Sesame Spread makes a perfect breakfast recipe! 🤩

Kelly's Sesame Spread or traditionally known as Halvardeh contains lots of nutritious ingredients to add to your morning breakfast! And even better, it gets all of its sweetness from organic honey instead of any processed sugars.

This delicious spread is Sugar-free, Gluten-free, & Vegetarian.

So what's in Kelly's Sesame Spread and what does it taste like?

This spread is sweet and has a special taste of sesame seed with touch of Rose syrup, cardamom, and nigella seeds (Kalonji). Cardamom is considered the world's second most valuable spice and is used in a lot of traditional Persian food products. Nigella seeds are very similar to sesame seeds but they have a darker color and are considered as "miracle seeds" since thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammation qualities.

Ingredients of Kelly's Sesame Seed:

• Sesame seeds

• Sesame oil

• Honey

• Nigella seed

• Cardamom

• Rose water

Here are some fun recipes to try!

For a tasty breakfast recipe,

spread and melt butter on a warm and freshly toasted bread. Then add desired amount of Kelly's Sesame Spread on the second toasted bread. Sandwich the two pieces of toast for a perfect and nutritional breakfast sandwich! 😋 Serve it with your favorite warm drinks, we brewed and poured fresh tea before biting into the Halvardeh sandwich!

Check out this Instagram post showcasing this recipe.

Use Kelly's Sesame Spread for Deviled


Boil eggs until fully cooked, peel off the shell and split in half. Take the cooked egg yolk out and replace it with a tea spoon of Kelly's Sesame Spread. Place the cooked yolk back on the egg. Repeat the same for the other slices of cooked eggs, add your favorite garnish, and enjoy!

Check out this Instagram post showcasing this recipe.

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