Kelly's Sun Bread: A Delicious Fluffy traditional bread (Totally Vegan!)

Kelly's Sun Bread with Feta cheese, fresh walnuts and greens
Kelly's Sun Bread for breakfast

Kelly's Sun Bread or originally called Barbari is a nutritious and delicious Persian bread. It is fluffy inside with a crunchy outer layer. Traditionally it is eaten as a breakfast bread, slicing the bread in smaller pieces and adding Feta cheese or butter inside. A Persian breakfast is normally served with a side of fresh walnuts and sweetened black tea.

The color of the Kelly's Sun Bread comes from the turmeric which is spread on the bread before baked in the over. Turmeric is used in many Persian foods, this powder which comes from a fruit has scientifically proven health benefits thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. However, what makes Sun Bread special other than its combo of crunchy and fluffy texture as well as added turmeric are its toppings. Nigella seeds and Sesame seeds are added as toppings on the bread, both of which are a great source of healthy qualities of essential vitamins and minerals. After the first bite of the bread, you will experience the traditional taste as well as seeds crushing together and turmeric smell combining it all into a unique experience!

Watch this video about how we prepare the delicious Kelly's Sun Bread!

Ingredients: • Flour • Olive oil

• Kosher salt

• Yeast • Turmeric (as topping) • Nigella seed (as topping) • Sesame seed (as topping) - 100% Vegan - GMO free - No preservatives and additive

Kelly's Sun Bread freshly made!
Kelly's Sun Bread

How to keep the bread in the freezer?

Slice the Kelly's Sun Bread just like a pizza, making 8 triangle pieces. Add the smaller pieces in a containers and store in the freezer. Take out pieces out of the freezer and warm up or toast before serving.

Beef Stroganoff with Kelly's Persian Sun Bread
Beef Stroganoff with Kelly's Persian Sun Bread

Try these fun and tasty recipes with Kelly's Sun Bread:


Try slicing the bread in smaller slices and toasting it before serving since it adds to the outer crunchiness of the bread and also, brings out the special aroma of Sun Bread! Using everyday breakfast toaster, toast for a few minutes based on the settings of your toaster. Using in an oven, place the slices in a tray and put the tray on the top layer of the oven. Leave it in the oven for 5 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kelly's Sun Bread with soup
Kelly's Sun Bread with soup

As an appetizer

• Make a mixture of olive oil and Italian seasoning and dip the slices of Sun bread in it (Either toasted or non-toasted). This is one of the best things you can try with the bread as a side with your wine.

• Sun bread with any type of cheese is also a great mixture. Try Parmesan, Jack, or Cheddar and heat it for 30-50 seconds in a microwave until the cheese starts to melt.

• Dipping the bread in any sort of salsa (green or red) or Mexican Pico De Gallo gives you a delicious outcome.

As a side dish

Cut the bread into thin slices and fry it slightly in a mixture of olive oil or vegetable oil and use it as a replacement for mashed potatoes or French fries. If you would like to add to the flavor, try dripping some lemon juice on top.

Use it in your salad

Cut the Sun bread as dices and mix it with your salad. This way you will have more of the smell from the seeds and a bePer flavor for your salad.

Use the Sun Bread to make a pizza Cut the whole bread (or half of it) from the side separating the top layer from the bottom layer. Prepare caramelized onions, roasted vegetables, sautéed mushroom, fried or roasted or baked beef/sausage/pepperoni/pork strips

Add your favorite already cooked ingredients on the bottom layer of Sun Bread, add your favorite type of cheese on top of the ingredients. Add olive oil to the back of the top layer of Sun Bread. Place the top layer of the bread on top of the bottom layer which now contains all of the ingredients. Place in oven for 5 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Slice like a regular pizza and enjoy!

You can get Kelly's Sun Bread at local Farmers Markets or order online (only in West Virginia) using Turnrow Appalachian Farm Collective.

Kelly's Sun Bread with nigella and sesame seeds as well as a bright turmeric topping
Kelly's Sun Bread

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