Make Spritzer Mixed drinks with Kelly's Syrups! 😋

Did you know you can add Kelly's Persian Food's syrup products to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic spritzer drinks? It results in a refreshing drink and we're so excited to share this step by step easy recipe with you!

For this mixed drink we used Champagne but you can use any kind of carbonated or non-carbonated wine. Also, this works well with refreshing non-alcoholic bubbly drinks as well! (possibly for the next recipe blog post).

Ingredients 🍸

✨ 4oz of your favorite bubbly drink

✨ 1-2 tea spoons of Kelly's Persian Rose or Orange Blossom syrup

✨ 2 slices of apples (preferably fresh local apples!)

Step by step

• We poured about 4oz the carbonated drink in a beautiful champagne glass and waited a few seconds to let all the carbonation calm down. • Then add 2-3 tea spoons of Kelly's Rose syrup to the glass. You can add either the Kelly's Rose or Orange Blossom syrups for a more floral aroma OR add Kelly's Sekanjebin syrup for a sweet & sour taste. Learn more about these syrups here or scroll to the bottom of the page. • Mixed it up and then added our slices of apples to the mix!

Watch this awesome Instagram Reels video our lovely customer @stormandstress put together for this extra special bubbly freshness!

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