✔︎ Sweetened by dates (No sugar)
✔︎ Dates & Walnut filling
✔︎ Cardamom & Saffron
✔︎ Organic
✔︎ GMO Free
✔︎ Homemade
➤ 6 oz package, 3 in a bag

Kelly's Kolompeh Dessert (Sweetened by dates filling, no sugar)


    Egg yolk,Flour,Baking Powder,Yogurt,butter, Saffron.
    Filling: Dates, Walnut, Cardamom, Cinnamon
    NO SUGAR! NO HONEY! No preservatives, additives are added.
    Enjoy it with your favorite warm drinks such as a cup of herbal tea for comforting more!
    100% homemade - filled with our love & devotion!