✔︎ Sweetened by honey (No sugar)
✔︎ Gluten-Free
✔︎ Vegetarian
✔︎ Organic
✔︎ GMO Free
✔︎ Homemade
✔︎ Crushed Sesame Seed, Cardamom, Honey, & Nigella Seed
➤ 4 oz jar

Kelly's Sesame Seed Spread


    Kelly's Persian Sesame seed spread, Gluten-free, it has: crushed sesame seed, sesame seed oil, honey, Nigella seeds, rose water and cardamom.
    Start your day with Kelly's Halvardeh, Healthy and nutritional! No trans fat and no cholesterol! Anti-oxidant properties!
    No preservatives, additives are added.
    100% homemade - filled with our love & devotion!